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Consistency is Key

So today I woke up thinking about consistency. I’m talking about it on two different levels and I’m finding that consistency tends to be a common struggle. I don’t know if it’s generational or just a natural flaw of our human condition.

After seeing a post from Shan Boodram about #lovebombing, I thought to myself why is this even a thing? What is the point of behaving that way? I took it a step further and even thought about people who have confusing energy from the very beginning: they want you one day, then they don’t the next or when it comes to business, they’re

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hyped about working with you, then they don’t professionally follow through. Why is that? Where is this behavior stemming from?

My struggle to understand this type of energy comes from having my own way of thinking that says, “If I can’t put consistent energy into this, why bother seeking it out in the first place.” This mentality is how I look at business and dating relationships. If I don’t see myself consistently pursuing this- I’m not going to.

Now, I would be lying if I said I was never inconsistent. Oh...I definitely have had my moments, but I realized there is no point in putting my energy in people and projects where I know I can’t maintain that energy or placing it where it simply won’t thrive.

So today, I encourage you to do three things:

1. Look at where you’re enforcing your efforts in all areas of your life. Are you being consistent in these areas?

2. Depending on your answer, determine if your inconsistency is coming from a place of fear whether it’s fear of getting hurt in a relationship or fear of a business venture failing.

3. Once you find where your inconsistent behavior is stemming from, let the things and people go that you cannot put consistent effort toward, or work to retrain your mindset to be unafraid of the “what if’s” and “what cans”, and just go for it, confidently and consistently.



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