• Jessica Rosado

Producer: Drones in the Sky

Why yes, she also wears sweatpants and flies drones, ha!

While studying at the University of South Florida, I had the privilege of taking a drone class where I learned how to be a drone pilot and get licensed to fly by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

It was the coolest experience to be able to overcome my fears and get such incredible footage. I was able to shoot for several projects including a residential video for a golf course community called Heritage Isles. That project was such a fun one to work on with my drone partner-in-crime Christian Johnson of Christian Johnson Photography! We shared way too many laughs, coffee, inside jokes, and delirious stares putting that one together but it was all worth it in the end.

While, I am able to fly, I enjoy more producing and setting up specific shots rather than the actual filming/flying but I have to say, it doesn't hurt to know I can!

So, I encourage you to take up something you've never tried before. It will definitely give you the strength to overcome unknown territory, and that's the sort of strength you can apply to anything you really want to achieve.



P.S. Pay no mind to my "serious flying" face, ha!

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