• Jessica Rosado

Fashion: 1 Hat, 3 Looks - Outfit 3

Feliz Cinco everybody! Had such a blast creating three different looks with one amazing hat. Here’s the 3rd (and yes FINAL) look!

⁣Just as I had fun creating these looks, I encourage you to choose a statement piece of your own. It can be your favorite pair of shoes, a fun chunky necklace, hat, whatever it is, use that as your statement piece and get creative with building outfits from your closet around that.⁣ Have fun with it and if you need help or aren’t sure about color combos, you can always message me! ⁣


Also, can we get on a deeper level today? Let’s talk stepping out of our comfort zone.⁣

➡ Stepping out of our comfort zone can seem TERRIFYING. Often times we get into a “comfort zone” for a variety of reasons- to protect our heart, to protect our mental state, to protect ourselves from failure or just out of fear itself. ⁣

Now, understand that the comfort zone itself isn’t a bad thing! In fact, your comfort zone can be a space of peace and a perfect place for renewal or reinvention. Where it becomes an issue is when your comfort zone turns into a rut because you are afraid of the unknown. ⁣

If you find yourself wanting to accomplish things or start new ventures but you can’t seem to overcome the fear of the what if’s, I challenge you to change your “what if I fail” to a “what if I succeed.” ⁣

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a step. It’s a process. Learning to rewire your thinking changes what you perceive fear to be. If you can work diligently through this process to change your mindset, taking a leap of faith won’t seem scary anymore, it will price to be as necessary as it is exciting!⁣



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