• Jessica Rosado

Fashion: What is Your Fall Color?

So here's the thing, there are so many fall colors that I feel drawn to. Obviously, lots of browns and darker nude colors but olive has got to be my go-to fave when it comes to fall! Now if I were to choose a TOP 3, I would say: Olive Green, Rust, and Dark Cream. So olive green is definitely what I brought to the table with this turtle neck body suit. What I love about this look is that usually I wouldn't think to pair black and olive green together because it would seem like there's no pop of color at all. However, when these two colors are paired, the olive green stands out and makes the fall statement we are going for. Add the knee high black leather boots and you are a shoe-in (pun-intended) for exploring the brisk autumn city streets.

And all at once summer collapsed into fall...

Today's choice of color pop was more of a fall pop-statement in OLIVE.

Where to Get the Look:

Top: Turtle Neck Body Suit at Forever 21

Bottoms: High-Rise Satin Leggings with Zipper at Macy's

Shoes: Knee-High Leather Boots at Aldo

Necklace: Vintage Black Beaded Layer Necklace

Where to Buy the Look:

You can always shop my look on my Like to Know It page!



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