• Jessica Rosado

Fashion: Is it Fall Yet?

Photo Credit: Elevated Tea Media

Okay, okay. I'm the friend! But can you blame me?! The fall season brings so many new fashion trends that I just can't help but to be excited. And yes, I'm the girl that will still rock a fall fashion look in 80-degree weather as long as it's technically during the season, of course. Don't judge. If you're as excited about the changing of seasons as I am, we're going to have some fun together! This look was inspired when I went to the UK because I fell in love with their concept of layers on top of layers. That got my wheels turning and pieces starting laying on top of each other. Not to mention, I am a sucker for berets. You can jazz up any fall look with a cute beret. Fact.

When the leaves begin to fall, autumn begins to call!

Today's choice of color pop to bring together the black with gray plaid was WHITE.

Where to Get the Look:

Top: Black Low V Knit Top at Target

Bottoms: Women's High-Rise Dress Shorts at White House Black Market

Shoes: High Heel Above Ankle Boots at Fashion Nova

Necklace: Vintage Black Beaded Layer Necklace

Hat: White Beret at Pretty Little Thing

Where to Buy the Look:

You can always shop my look on my Like to Know It page!



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