• Jessica Rosado

Fashion: When You Look Good, You FILA Good

As you know, I love my sneakers and over-sized tee just as much as I love my high fashion looks with heels. Moderation in life is everything and the same goes for my outfits. I feel just as great in my low key ensembles as I do in my high keys ones and that's how it should always be! Don't ever think that your chill vibes aren't sexy. Today's outfit tip: for a spicier chill look, mix and match your tighter garments to show off that amazing figure of yours. For example, my over-sized shirt with high-waist jeans or you could do a snug top with baggy sweats/loose fitting jeans.

Today's choice of pop to break up the white and acid wash colors was RED.

Where to Get the Look:

Top: Fila White Tee at FILA

Bottoms: Women's High-Rise Button Fly Acid Wash Jeans at Target

Shoes: White Zip Up Sneakers at Fashion Nova

Earrings: Red Tassles at Charming Charlie

Headband: Red Paisley Print at Francesas

Where to Buy the Look:

You can always shop my look on my Like to Know It page!



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