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Hair: Fun Hair Accessories

Happy Saturday! Love is in the HAIR!

So does anyone who’s known me longer than 4 years remember my blonde hair phase (phases)? What about the fried short blonde hair that was crispy from trying to go platinum with excessive heat damage? What about when I chopped it all off- Halle Berry style? Whew...chile the process!!! The things I’ve put my hair through! ⁣⁣

Fast forward to the year 2020 where the world is uncertain and downright wild but somehow my hair is powering through it all (lol). This length has been FOUR years in the making of letting it grow and do it’s thing, while also loving on it and leaving it to glow in its natural darkest brown color. It took me awhile to get to the point of appreciating my hair and all that she is. ⁣⁣

Now that it’s longhair-strong, I’m on the hunt for new styles and accessories to continue having fun with it. One of my favorite things to do is visit the hair and accessory isle at any retail store or drugstore and see what random things I can find to create something new. Perfect example was this half bun tool which made the perfect topknot!

Check out my latest YouTube video to see the fun hair accessories I used today!



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