• Jessica Rosado

Welcome to the Lifestyle

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

― Helen Keller

Welcome friends! My name is Jessica Rosado. I am an avid multimedia storyteller as an award-winning producer, short story writer, 2x nominated screenplay writer, and thought-provoking lifestyle writer. I run and host a podcast called The Digital Coffee Date where I share stories of influential women across the globe. I will be an attorney-in-training come September of 2021 and am incredibly excited for such a powerful new trajectory.

There are two platforms I currently write for. The first, is on the Medium platform in an effort to further expand conversations on a variety of topics not limited to social justice, women’s rights, body-positive inspiration, cultural perspective, general information, and more. My hope for you there is that you learn something you hadn’t known before, find inspiration in an area you might be lacking motivation, become exposed to a new perspective you hadn’t seen before, find yourself encouraged to begin something new, or even feel empowered to create a new space for more open conversation in circles of your own.

The second, is right here where you landed on my lifestyle blog. This space is to talk about my interests, special events, new updates in my life, and tips you might find on my YouTube channel. Think of this as a light-hearted space where we can talk about our day-to-day things of interest.

I send to you a warm welcome as we engage in all things lifestyle.

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