• Jessica Rosado

Your Mental Health Matters

“Sometimes self care is exercise and eating right. Sometimes it’s spending time with loved ones or taking a nap. And sometimes it’s watching an entire season of TV in one weekend while you lounge around in your pajamas. Whatever soothes your soul.” - Nanea Hoffman

Maintaining your mental health is just as important to me as maintaining physical and spiritual health. Everyday I have to counter my negative thinking (even in the smallest instances) with positive thoughts.

When I think about my goals that are saturated in ambition, I remind myself of what I’ve already accomplished and the people and opportunities I’m most grateful for. This is a way of thinking that is a

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constant exercise for me; one that takes dedication and can be difficult at times.

It can be so easy sometimes to feel inadequate, to feel that you are not who or where you want to be but I’m here to tell you that your mind is a very powerful entity and how you use it can truly redefine your life.

Take care of the beautiful mind you have. Fill it with love, kindness, compassion, and understanding.



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