• Jessica Rosado

Not What it Seems, So Why is it Beauty?

Did this photo catch your attention? Is it so gorgeous and engaging? Were you thinking "OMG she looks so beautiful there!"

Well here's the body positive-tea today...

1) This picture is a false representation of me. I don’t have lip-injected puckered up lips. I don’t have green-hazel eyes. I don’t have freckles. I don’t have perfect even-toned skin. This is an #instagram filter. This is one of the “looks” that society says will draw people in. One of the “looks” that society says is beautiful. ⁣⁣⁣


The issue with this “look” is that it isn’t me. Many of us struggle with the person we see in the mirror because we are constantly told by others and even ourselves, that if we just change this ONE thing or that ONE thing, we’ll be beautiful and we’ll feel better about ourselves. That is a lie. You can alter and change as much as you want on the outside but until you mend the broken pieces of what causes you to feel “ugly” or “not enough” on the inside, you will always be looking for more ways to change what makes you, you. ⁣⁣


I want you to know that regardless of what anyone says, you are the very essence of beauty just the way you are. It may sound cliché. It may sound trite. But it is the truth. Don’t succumb to the ways of this world that push a select type of look. ⁣

Now, I’m not judging those who continue to alter their face or various parts of their body, I’m simply encouraging you to take a step back and evaluate if your definition of beauty is harmful to yourself, or if your definition of beauty is even your own. ⁣

I encourage you to own the beautiful imperfect person you are, because that is what is truly beautiful. The world needs more of you, just the way you are.⁣⁣⁣


2) Also, in case you haven't realized this yet, they still haven’t arrested the officers who murdered Breonna Taylor in her own home.  Visit fightforbreonna.org for a list of demands and more ways you can help fight for JUSTICE. Also, if you haven’t yet, today’s a good day to follow Black Lives Matter. ⁣⁣⁣


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