• Jessica Rosado

Producer: Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival

"She means business. She takes pride in her work. She’s passionate and ambitious. She’s focused and clear on her intention. Her time is valuable and isn’t spent on things that don’t fuel her vision. She, is everything I am and I wear that hat proudly." - Jessica Rosado

Photo Credit: Cory Draper

I had the wonderful opportunity to be producer of video content for the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival. It was an incredible experience where I was able to spread my "producer ninja" wings, as my colleague and Executive Producer, Ryan Watson would put it. To him, I owe a huge thank you to for thinking of me as someone he would trust with the producing and directing responsibility. We shot many events throughout the course of the month of January, including leading up to the major music festival event.

Being a woman among the predominantly male-dominated production industry, it can be difficult finding your place. Like this industry and many, a woman is always too much of something- too smart, too beautiful, too strong, too opinionated, too intense, too ambitious, too emotional, and the list goes on. My motto when I am producing is always- wake up, be a badass, and repeat. If knowing what we want and choosing to be about the things and the people that set our souls on fire makes us “too much,” than consider this embracing it with pride.



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