• Jessica Rosado

Rest & Transition

I want to talk about #rest and #transition. I don’t know about you but there are always moments in my life when my body has to tell me to slow down. Whether it’s getting sick or a minor injury, it always seems to happen around the moments I’m in a state of GO GO GO. ⁣

This #season we just entered has become a season of transition for me. A variety of trajectories are in front of me and I’m on the precipice of making decisions that will change my course in a powerful way. I thought I was doing well at being still and calm during this time but the truth is, transitions in life can feel so #anxious that we can actually take on more than we need to just to distract ourselves from being present- which is exactly what I did. ⁣

As I unloaded tasks, I gained new ones and didn’t even realize what I was doing. It wasn’t until I twisted my ankle on Saturday and was forced to REST that I realized I needed to #slowdown and actually enjoy the excitement of the changes to come- even if they are still uncertain. ⁣

I’m learning that uncertainty doesn’t have to be a negative and oftentimes we see it as such because we feel we’ve lost control. The truth is, uncertainty should be a reminder for pause and #reflection to allow #preparation for the levels ahead that await us. We are all still learning and sometimes we can be given the same lesson with a different presentation. ⁣

Today, I want to remind you that it is absolutely okay to SLOW DOWN; let yourself #breathe. Give yourself permission to enjoy your #present moment regardless if you feel you’re in control of it or not. ⁣

If you aren’t sure how to feel, or if you’re unaware of your current state of being, open your #journal and start #writing. Write about your current state- are you in a season of transition? Then, write a list of things you’re currently doing and ask yourself if everything you’re doing is truly being given the time and energy it deserves. If some things are not, that’s okay! It just means it’s time to reassess what you have on your plate and how you can prioritize. If rest and you-time never made that list, it’s time to start thinking how and when you can make time for that for your own well-being.

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