• Jessica Rosado

Seeking Inward

Before we go higher, we have to go deeper. One of the most important lessons I’ve been reminded of recently is the need to seek inward when we are on the brink of our next phase. ⁣⁣


Many times we find ourselves upset about why things may not work in our favor and the lesson we miss is that we simply weren’t ready for that next step. ⁣

God doesn’t want us to take a giant leap without our hearts and minds being in the right place to do so. We hear the figure of speech that “luck favors the prepared.” This is because we can’t thrive in our next level of greatness with a spirit that is hesitant and unprepared. ⁣⁣


When God miraculously moves, are you going to be ready to receive what is in store for you? Are you going to be ready to powerfully move beyond where you stand?⁣⁣


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