• Jessica Rosado

Skincare: Best Products for Acne

It is Self-care Saturday and today I am talking all about skincare! My skin-journey has been a roller coaster of me learning the ins and outs of my skin and what products and techniques work well for it. ⁣

Along with my own research and with lots of help from my aesthetician Gina and helpful tips from my RN friend Beckyl, I have learned so much and am sharing the things that work really well for my skin. ⁣

When it comes to #acne, I have always had a difficult time with the area below my right cheek and my hormonal breakout areas. My aesthetician recommended stridex to really tone down my breakouts and it has been my miracle product! I apply the cleansing pads for about 4-5 minutes so it really soaks into the skin before applying the rest of my skincare routine. ⁣

Another miracle acne product is one I landed on recently, the Tayers Natural Blemish Stick. This is one that I will apply to those hormonal breakout areas after Stridex for an extra clarifying boost.⁣

What are your acne clarifying go-to’s?⁣



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