• Jessica Rosado

Techie Tips: My 4 Go-To Photo Editing Apps

I’ve been asked many times before what photo editing apps I use, so I loved putting my techie cap on today to share them! My must-haves are:⁣

  1. Lightroom

  2. Darkroom

  3. Picsart

  4. Facetune

⁣Now, let’s talk about my morning. This morning’s devotional, meditation, and reading of the word brought me to Romans 12:6-8 where the subject matter is about owning what you’re meant to do and doing it wholeheartedly with purpose. ⁣

These verses opened my eyes wider to the concept of sharing our gifts with others; knowing what we’re meant to do and sharing that purpose to help others grow. ⁣

It’s that reason I take so much joy in sharing the golden nuggets of things I’ve learned along the way. Whether it be fun lifestyle segments in fashion, skincare, hair, and makeup, or through helpful techie tips, foodie recipes, and inspirational takeaways, my purpose is to share what I know and what is placed on my heart to help you grow.⁣



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