• Jessica Rosado

The Other America: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Racism has been a destructive sickness that has plagued this world for a very long time. We've seen it throughout history between nations and even cultures of the same kind. To me, there is no greater sickness than the one that says you are unworthy and your life is less valuable because of the color of your skin.

Police brutality is a horrific problem in our country and while I understand the issue itself may affect a vast number of people, it’s important to realize how it’s being used as a genocidal tool with hatred at its core to eradicate the black community. This is a system that has been structured this way for centuries now and it cannot continue. I don’t have to be black to see there is a fatally critical problem with lives being taken from people of color without hesitation. Friends, if you continue to remain blind and silent about these injustices, you become part of the problem.

Furthermore if you remain silent yet have the audacity to mention the riots, again you are part of the problem. I'm not going to scream at you, though I may want to inside. What I am going to do is mention Colin Kaepernick, who made a decision to peacefully #protest during the national anthem to bring awareness to this ongoing issue. What happened? He was ostracized by his football community and deemed unpatriotic for his non-violent protesting.

Maybe violence is seen as the only language people in power might understand. Maybe that is why #riots occur. Riots have occurred as a form of protest for years and it hasn't just been in the pursuit of equal rights or against racial injustice. Boston Tea Party anyone? Ah yes, a story from the old history books about a strong #rioting protest dumping over 300 cases of imported tea into the sea for...taxation without #representation. That’s right, it was all about taxes. One could argue #equality and racism carry a much heavier weight, no?

If nothing I've said has resonated with you in agreeance or a new eye-opening #perspective, maybe listening to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. about "The Other America," might #enlighten you a bit.  He didn’t agree with #violence but he did understand why people felt it was the only way to be heard.

The full transcript can be found HERE.



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