• Jessica Rosado

Thrifting Haul at Goodwill

I’ve always loved #thrifting. From finding cool things to do DIY projects, to random fashion pieces, to fun home decor, it’s always an experience and you never know what you might find. One woman’s unwanted is another woman’s treasure right? So, do you know the #GoodWill you are actually doing when you donate to or shop at Goodwill? ⁣

When you donate or shop, you are supporting a sustainable lifestyle and various social services and employment opportunities in the community. ⁣

According to Goodwill, donating or shopping is helping to divert millions of pounds of usable items from landfills. Instead of becoming unnecessary waste, donated clothing and household goods are sold in Goodwill stores, where they can be reused and repurposed over and over again. ⁣

Goodwill’s stores and boutiques also help to support job training programs, employment placement services, and other important community-based programs. Every item purchased at Goodwill’s store or donated to a donation center helps to create employment opportunities and social services that make a difference in someone’s life. ⁣

How cool is that?! What we consider to be a fun day “thrifting,” is actually helping our community and world overall. I spent $100 and got a bunch of things I probably could have gotten at a normal retail value of around $400. My latest #YouTube video is all about my thrifty-haul. ⁣

As we continue to remain conscious about the establishments where we choose to spend our money, I encourage you to spend wisely at places that enrich our communities. ⁣

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