• Jessica Rosado

Big News: I did It, I'm a USF Grad!

Photo Credit: Deanna Salt Photography

The big day is here and I couldn’t be happier. When I first started college right out of high school, I never appreciated it or understood why it was so important. I also didn’t really know what avenue I wanted to take for my career. So instead, I chose to work and while I retained a lot of experience in various industries, finishing school was always something I wanted to accomplish for myself.

When I attended UNLV, I was only a semester away from graduating when life threw a traumatic curve-ball my way and I moved back home to be with my family. Determined to finish, I applied to the University of South Florida and began school in January of this year. I powered through, even taking a full course load in the summer.

As I write this, I’m in tears. This moment means so much to me. I’ve been through so much to get here and I did it. I finally did it. This is a testament to my strength and undeniable perseverance. Thank you to my supportive family who never sways from their faith in me and thank you to the wonderful faculty and classmates I met along the way who have enriched my life for the better. Remember that everything happens in its right time. Don’t let anything rush your timeline. What God has for you, nothing and no one can take that away.



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