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CEO of Elevated Tea Media, Podcast Host of The Digital Coffee Date, producer, writer, speaker, and a woman of influence. 


As a Multimedia Producer and Digital Content Strategist for over 11 years, I have successfully helped businesses in customer retention and organic revenue growth. I've navigated the landscapes of digital marketing and multimedia communications with a passion for storytelling and a drive for strategic initiatives and accelerating innovation.


My background includes broadcast journalism, digital and social media marketing, brand influence, writing, producing, and public speaking. I have built businesses through elevated brand recognition, launched full scale digital marketing campaigns, delivered cohesive brand tone, led teams on overall directives, and structured production development and consulting contracts. With these experiences, I am heavily skilled in providing effective and creative digital production and strategy.

I am someone who continues to take my skills and expertise to greater levels of impact, and who uses every inch of my experience to deliver creative, cohesive, and influential initiatives and digital concepts.

Content concepts I create feature my authentic voice through thought-provoking storytelling and I help others to learn, create, and use their own vision and voice for their brands. Through my digital content agency, Elevated Tea Media, I help create digital concepts and overall content strategy for personal brands, businesses, and online platforms. 

Through my podcast, The Digital Coffee Date, I connect a community of women who are actively achieving in various markets. This digital community empowers and uplifts the female footprint providing encouragement, advice, and valuable resources. 

I am a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and advocate for women’s equity and equality. Here is where passion, creativity, and impact meet.

Thank you for visiting my page and for further information on collaborations please see below:

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If you are a brand interested in a collaboration, please reach out to me here.

If you are a potential client looking for social media and digital content guidance, please visit Elevated Tea Media.

If you are interested in a podcast collaboration, please visit The Digital Coffee Date.

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